Kerala State Lottery gets established in the year 1967, and it is the first kind of India by the lottery department under the government of Kerala. Shri.P.K.Kunji Sahib who was the finance minister of the Kerala state is the setup of the new department under the Ministry of Finance. This is mainly with the objective of providing the employment as well as supplementing the finance without disturbing the public. The department by the government has become the model for all the other states in India. By following this thing, the other states have jumped on the bandwagon by starting their lotteries.

Now this department has nearly 465 employees under its Directorate that gets located in place of Vikas Bhavan at Thiruvananthapuram. It has up to 14 offices in Kerala district and the regional deputy directorate at Ernakulum. Kerala State Lottery has different types of lottery draws with the different prize structure weekly as well as the few bumper lotteries too. From these, I hope you let to know the details about the result. Then if have interested to find out more information about the Kerala State Lottery continues with this article to know the things in a perfect manner.

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Types of Weekly Kerala State Lotteries

Here I am going to explain the details about the types present in Kerala State Lotteries they are

  • WIN WIN is the lottery name with the releasing date of Monday
  • Then STHREESAKTHI is the lottery get released on Tuesday
  • AKSHAYA is the most famous lottery that gets published on Wednesday
  • PRATHEEKSHA is renamed as the Karunya Plus release in the day of Thursday
  • BHAGYANIDHI gets released on Friday
  • KARUNYA on Saturday
  • Then finally POURNAMI Lottery released on the day of Sunday

These are the absolute weekly types present in Kerala State Lotteries more than this there are few other categories like bumper lotteries. Where the bumper lotteries get done seasonally, some of them are Vishu, Thiruvonam, monsoon, summer, onum, x’s-mas New Year. So from this topic to come to know the details about the types present in it, continue with this article to find out more.

Bi-Weekly Bumper Kerala Lottery:

The Kerala government used to release the result of a lottery on the site of So the people can get the result today to get the official lottery results. It gets published in pdf format daily at 4.30 pm where the live results are available at 3.30 pm unofficially. At present, the Kerala is running the seven daily lottery results and one biweekly Nirmal bumper lottery result then the six mega bumper lottery result has been a draw every year. The next bumper lottery result gets drawn in the summer bumper result 2016-17.  Then all the bumper lottery result gets drawn by starting at 2.30 pm as well as the government announces the live telecast results shortly by arranging with the help of TV channels like Kairali TV and now the next live telecast is available.

The Kerala lottery result Department has been ordered to find out the frauds involving in single digit lotteries in the Kerala state. The important thing is that single digit lottery or written lottery is the illegal stuff on the basics of Kerala lottery result. The Kerala government can rearrange the prize structure in lottery lead to publishing the daily results by 3.30 pm where the official lottery result gets released at 4.30 pm. The lottery results get posted on various websites such as keralalotteries; keralalotteryresult, kereallotteryresulttoday, and much moiré websites are available where the Kerala government gets releases the result.

Kerala State Lotteries result:

Kerala State Lotteries result gets published at the official website Today the lottery result is live KARUNYA PLUS (KN-150), and then the weekly lottery draw gets conducted by the Kerala Department in Sree cithara Auditorium by the department. Here I am going to give the certain lottery results such as for 1st prize Rs.1, 00,00,000, next to the consolation prize of Rs.10,000 for four numbers four prizes. Then the second prize is of about Rs. 15,00,000 for one number one prize and finally the third prize is of about RS.1,00,000 for five numbers five prizes. Similarly, there is some more defined result available. Kerala State Lottery is widely comprised of vast and extensive networking over the 18000 registered agents as well as the 1,50,000 retail sellers which get spread across the 14 districts.

Kerala Lottery prize structure:

Here I am going to give you the details about Kerala Lottery prize structure for the types as mentioned above in the paragraph. There are some terms and conditions for all the types, so in that am going to explain one type which will be more helpful for you to follow the same thing for other things too.

Terms and Conditions for WIN WIN Lottery:

  • The first thing is that tickets will be printed in seven series
  • Then the maximum retail price of one ticket will be Rs.30/- Where one book of tickets will have twenty-five tickets
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be drawn by the full coming under the assured portion of prizes, where the remaining prizes will be under the variable portion just by depending upon the sale of tickets
  • Then the consolation prize as mentioned above
  • The fourth prize gets determined by drawing the last four digits eighteen times, and that gets extended to all sold tickets in all series
  • The fifth prize gets determined by drawing the last four digits thirty times
  • The sixth prize gets determined by drawing the last four digits thirty times similarly as the fifth prize
  • If there is any prize number under any category with the repeated thing will be canceled and redrawn

These are the basic terms and conditison that should be followed for every type. I hope all the information will be more helpful to get the details about the Kerala State Lottery. I you like this article don’t forget to share the thing with your friends.